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Are you interested in the 5x10 Screenwriting Boot Camp or One-on-One Coaching with Michael?

Tell me about yourself below. This might include your background, education & work experience. Let me know if you've had any professional writing experience, whether in Hollywood or not.

Consider saying a few words about why you became interested in screenwriting, or the kind of movies you love, particular influences and inspirations -- anything that might help me get to know you better.

And you should know that everything you tell me is completely confidential. I am the only person who reads anything you send me!

No preparation is required before our call, but I recommend spending a few minutes (or longer) making a bullet-list of everything you want to discuss.

I'm happy to talk about any aspect of the screenwriting process, the Industry, and work/life balance -- whatever is important to you.

I'll be asking about your short-term and long-term screenwriting/career goals, so it might be useful to think about those prior to our call.

If you're not sure, that's fine too -- we will identify those before we hang up, and make a realistic plan for how to achieve them. You can jot some of them down below if you like.